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Dernières Paroles

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  • Daniel Caesar

    Oh, ey You don’t know, babe When you hold me And kiss me slowly It’s […]

  • Bramsito

    Tu sais l’amour est cruel même les colombes se querellent Tu peux mourir pour elle […]

  • PROF

    Hey Prof, you got some weed bro? Yeah, you said you was gonna have that […]

  • Stereo MC's

    Something ain’t right I’m gonna get myself I’m gonna get myself I’m gonna get myself […]

  • Lil Uzi Vert

    Jump in a whip that you never seen (Yeah) It got bulletproof glass and a […]

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  • Partisans italiens

    Una mattina mi sono alzato O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao Una […]

  • David Guetta & Bebe Rexha

    I’m good, yeah, I’m feelin’ alright Baby, I’ma have the best fuckin’ night of my […]

  • Aime Simone

    I’ve been alone Inside my mind Yeah I know what I felt Kept me down […]

  • Lil Nas X

    Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathin’ Racin’ to the moonlight and I’m speedin’ […]

  • Sofia Carson

    We’re drowning in our eyes Don’t know what we’ll find I’m not sure, should we […]